Examining Key Decisions
(Case Method)

Curriculum at the National History Academy centers on the Harvard Business School case method, where students are placed in the shoes of historical figures and must consider varying perspectives of the day to understand the context of pivotal events that shaped our country.

History Comes Alive
(Site-Based Learning)

Site visits at the National History Academy create unique learning environments at authentic historical locations, where memorable experiences help students connect more deeply with the people and places in their classroom lessons.

Learning from the Experts
(Guest Speakers)

Guest speakers at the National History Academy offer a wealth of experience from a variety of fields, showing students by example how history lays the foundation for a myriad of careers.

Finding Common Ground
(Parliamentary Debates)

Parliamentary debates at the National History Academy allow students the opportunity to express themselves on important issues and listen to differing viewpoints from their peers.

Inspiring Independence
(Residential Life)

Residential life at the National History Academy prepares students for college by giving them the chance to live in college-style dormitories, gain skills they will need at the next level, and make lifelong friendships with fellow history lovers from around the country.

National History Academy
featuring Ken Burns

National History Academy is thrilled to have the support of Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker. Ken Burns has produced over 28 documentaries, focused on great American stories including The Civil War, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, and Thomas Jefferson. Through his unique approach to storytelling, he takes his viewers to the places where these stories unfolded.

Coming Together

Finding Your Voice

What Our Students Say

NHA’s first class reflects on how the different facets of the program have impacted them over the course of just five weeks.