Scholarships are Available!

National History Academy is an extraordinary opportunity for 90 high school students from around the country. And we work hard to ensure that every student who has a passion for learning more about the foundations of our country and is admitted to the program can have that opportunity – regardless of her or his ability to pay.  

In 2019, well over half our class received partial or full need-based scholarships to attend. This year, we have a similar number of need-based scholarships available for those of you with a deep interest and motivation to study American history, government, politics, law, archaeology and related fields.  

The typical Academy student wants to know more about our history because he or she cares about our country – where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. As one of last summer’s scholarship students said, “We can’t understand what’s happening in today’s world if we don’t know how we got here.”  If this sounds like you, we want you to join us for five weeks this summer to explore the places where American history actually happened.

As an Academy student, you will walk in the footsteps of the men and women who built this nation at iconic sites of American history… places like Gettysburg, the Lincoln Memorial, the Frederick Douglass Home, Mount Vernon and Historic Jamestowne. You will discuss key moments in our history with nationally known experts and historians. You will refine your own thoughts about what it means to be an American through conversations with peers from around the country who share your passion and interest. This is truly a transformational experience that will help prepare you for college.


“This program really helped me with a lot of self-discovery. I developed a lot of new beliefs and understood my old ones a lot better after being surrounded by different people. It prepares you for college.”

-Bereket H.


If you need a scholarship, we make the process easy. To get started, submit a short application with your GPA, test scores, and a short essay about your favorite historic site.  To be considered for a scholarship, just indicate you are interested in financial aid on your Academy application, and our staff will reach out to you directly to gather the necessary information. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and you will be informed about financial aid at the same time you receive information about your acceptance.

National History Academy is limited to 90 students, and though spaces – and scholarships – are still available, they will fill up soon. Don’t miss your opportunity for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Apply today!

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